Comment: Because I don't agree

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Because I don't agree

The people of Israel are the people of their government as much as our own, if not more being there are far fewer of them and that has a way for folks to get to know each other.

Which government woukld you want and why? Israel or Trans-Jordan Palestine Authority? Of ALL governments in the ME, which one is the best? Why? Can you say?

I have not denied IAF dropped white phosphorus on Gaza. I watched a vid of the attacks, interesting how the tractors were parked there as if waiting for the attacks, and maybe they were.. I saw the UN vans and people running up and putting the white phospherous out within minutes of it's landing.

Did you know that Israel's PM Sharon forced 400,000 Jews OUT of Gaza in 2004? Then he gave Gaza to the refugees of Palestine for them to have a home, because the Jewish people know what it is like to not have a home, they have been slaughtered and foracbly removed from Jerusalam three times in the past 2K years. But now Israel exists.

What do, under Trans-Egyptian Controled Gaza do with their aid money? Buy and shoot rockets at Israel nearly every day.

I am not using the word hate to describe anyone. I am using the word hate to describe an action used by some, and I'm not naming names because it's not about anyone, it's about the act.

What is not true about this?

What is inaccurate about this?

I believe the solution is not to love one and hate another, but to LOVE both.