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Just the facts.

Michael, before he left for Europe said he did not want any 'fake blood' or 'actors' posts about the marathon. Some people were posting them anyway and got their posts deleted. Then anything posted about the marathon became controversial. Posts that had nothing to do with fake blood or actors were being deleted. Started a big rift. People got banned. And now when anything is posted about it, people with knee jerk reactions automatically down vote or get real angry in the comments.

People won't even read and look at the facts, they just start down voting or come out with un-educated, un-researched comments.

Lots of new info and happenings have come up in the case and people here on the Daily Paul don't know a thing about it anymore because no one will post about it.

I stopped posting about it, but am very active in posting on twitter and facebook groups. Many interesting things have evolved and readers on the Daily Paul are pretty much in the dark about the case now.