Comment: Are you registered Republican?

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Are you registered Republican?

Are you going to meetings and holding them accountable? Educating your GOP? What are you doing?

I read this tripe below, "The GOP is not our friend". What political party is your friend? Do you think that's a political party's job or function, friendship? SUre you can make friends with Republicans, but the party? The party is a BUSINESS.. a corporation spanning your city/county/state and nationally, and it's no more your friend than Mickey Mouse. That's not it's job, function.

To me the hypocracy are those who are not in the party and then want to direct the party, or blame the party. I'm no fan of the GOP however, Ron Paul opened my eyes.. it's just a tool.. GOP is a tool, and there's a lot to learn about that tool, how it operates.. most Americans are clueless. Ron Paul invited us into the GOP becuase he saw there was room, Bush BS gutted the GOP and why Ron Paul invited us to join him.. he ate lunch by himself for years.. Lucky me, I have a liberty committee. Do you even KNOW who is on your committee?