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it's called denial

The Sarvis voters said "NO" to Cuccinnelli's backwards social views. They did not like the economic views of McAulliffe, but what Ron, Rand, and all the folks on this board who are upset do not get, is that many voters considered Cuccinnelli's 18th century social views JUST AS BAD as McAulliffe's socialism.

A person who is in jail due to a victimless crime is not going to care whether or not the economy is doing well.

Even after watching Cuccinnelli lose this election, you guys just don't get it. He might have had a chance had he backed off on some of his past policies, and admitted they were extreme. This strategy of paying off Ron Paul to come to his rally did not work. Ron Paul supporters might be among the most loyal, BUT, most of them are not so stupid that they are going to vote for somebody without looking at their track record.