Comment: Mossberg MP500 pump shotguns

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Mossberg MP500 pump shotguns

Mossberg MP500 pump shotguns are used by most police forces.

I would consider a pistol. Glock makes great guns, you can get a sub compact, which is easy to hide and easy to wield. Shotguns are bulky and could be difficult in a home defense situation. The new Glock Gen4 .357 sub compact is about $599 and will hold more rounds than a standard shotgun.

Of course, ideally you would have both. But if I had to choose one for home defense, I would choose a pistol.

It is also important to learn the proper techniques when it comes to entering rooms. Never lead with the muzzle of your gun going through a door, someone could easily hide and snatch the gun from your hands.

Finally, I also agree with considering a dog. Don't get a little yippee dog that barks at its own shadow. But do get a dog with a little gumption, who will bark when its appropriate. I love my, you might be able to guess, black lab.