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Do you remember the days at RP NJ HQ?

Of course we didn't have GOP support for Ron Paul nor did we expect it. Even the GOP governor ordered our signs taken down.

But, what was worse, as far as we were concerned, is that we didn't have the support from Dr. Paul's official campaign! They did NOTHING to help us in NJ. Repeated requests were made for campaign literature for us to circulate around the State. We got NOTHING from them. We purchased what materials we could and RP supporters from other States, even as far away as Alaska, sent us their left overs!

So, yes. Going it alone, without the support of you own organization, happens a lot. I can believe Buono didn't get huge support from the NJ Dems. But she did get some support. She was a lame candidate in the first place and they knew it. But, I believe they selected her because the political machine needed Christie to win big. How else could they keep Rand Paul from getting the GOP nomination in 2016? Dirty tricks can be effective but, they gotta have their guy look great.

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