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This topic needs its own

This topic needs its own thread...again.

First, a baby is not a parasite. And you don't contract a baby from having sex like an std. I used to be sympathetic in the way that I would never get an abortion myself but I never wanted my views to affect anyone else decision. However, I now feel that is a lazy stance to have. Fact is...most abortions are done because the mother "isn't ready". So in essence, an abortion is just another form of birth control. There are far to many options out there to justify this.

When does life begin? I say it begins with conception. I heard a heart beat at 5 1/2 weeks. That's approximately 3 weeks after conception. But that neither here nor there. Why is it murder outside of the whom but not inside the whom. Some say its because like you's just tissue and like a parasite only survives because of the mother. So then why not allow a mother to kill a newborn. Technically it's just a sack of skin. It can't survive without someone taking care of it. Why not defend the mother who was arrested while shopping with a dead newborn baby in her purse. It was her choice and it came from her body and the baby would not have survived without her anyway. At what point does it become murder?

All life has the right to Liberty.