Comment: HMOs, drug companies and the

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HMOs, drug companies and the

HMOs, drug companies and the AMA have a monopoly on healthcare. Customers should be able to make their own choices when it comes to doctors and FDA suppressed medications.

Why shouldn’t Americans be free to choose whatever healthcare provider they want? For those people who live in fear that they might choose a quack to do their brain surgery, the fact is that even today people don’t select physicians by blindly picking out a doctor from a list of licensed physicians in the telephone book. They rely on recommendations from their doctor, their friends, Internet ratings, and private certifying agencies.

Licensure is the key to the control that the medical profession can exercise over the number of physicians…. The American Medical Association is in this position. It is a trade union that can limit the number of people who can enter. America’s healthcare system is actually based on socialism, economic control, and regulation rather than on “free enterprise.”

Why wouldn’t there be a healthcare crisis given all this statism? The fact that the United States is mired in never-ending healthcare crises is perfectly understandable once one realizes that America abandoned the finest healthcare system in the world — one based on free enterprise, free markets, and voluntary charity — in favor of a system based on socialism, interventionism, and control.

Medical licensing and the case against it, follow the link.