Comment: I am done with libertarian party

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I am done with libertarian party

for now. I can't believe that they let mcaullife win. Cuccinelli may not be the perfect candidate, but sarvis was not either. Mcaullife is not going to listen to any libertarian ideas. With cuccinelli there was a complete open ear to liberarian solutions and probably a better cahnce of having third party rules. Obama, Hilary and Mcaullife will never allow libertarian or conservative individuality take root in VA again. You guys screwed the pooch here. Say goodbye to your guns, your money, and your prosperity. ROn Paul himself stumped for him and the libertarins rejected it. I can hardly believe it. ALl over social issues of killing kids to...I have found out today that i am NOT a libertarian party member. Never will I vote again for the L party. not one cent or my time will got to helping them.