Comment: I'm not a conspiracy theorist

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I'm not a conspiracy theorist

but I do have some expertise in telling whether or not someone is lying.

When asked what he was doing there, he didn't give a reason but an excuse that he didn't have his ID or ticket, which didn't explain anything.

But not just this immediate response to the question, but his entire interview, he was looking down, a tell for those who lie. When recalling incidents, most people look up (visualizing or recollecting) what they experienced when replying in such a manner.

As far as his potential acting abilities, if he was to appear nervous he did, but his incoherent manner of speaking was about as fake as one could be.

Who goes to LAX for any other reason except to go to work, pick someone up, drop someone off, or fly? That in and of itself is funny as hell.

Catch you all later...going to go to the airport and hang out today!

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