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NO offense but I don't think you know enough about the plant

You are making alot of assumptions here bud. Herb isn't some set it and forget it crop by any stretch of the imagination. If you grow indoors WHICH is a preferred method by many of us growers, lights, fans, a/c's and the other "growing costs" and skills needed are NOT learned overnight nor are they cheap.

Growing outdoors especially herb has to be done in certain areas and if it rains during the summer ( many places around the U.S. have summer showers ) then mold and other issues will set in. Deer LOVE herb so fencing or a greenhouse is needed. There is also the issue with rippers stealing your entire crop right around harvest time.

Even at $200 an ounce the profit margin isn't that large especially once you add in all the costs to grow. Indoors itself running 2k watts of lights plus the rest will put your monthly e-bill into the hundreds and that is monthly.

A normal indoor grow takes you 3-4 months ( 2 months for flower ) and that is if you don't allow the plants to veg all that much. Now some growers especially those who want YIELDS will allow plants to veg for 1-3 months then they put them into flower. Veg lights are on 18/6 or 24/0 whereas flower uses 12/12 and it adds up cost wise pretty fast.

To have OUNCES for dollars will allow you to enjoy the brick weed filled with seeds and NO that is not something people would want to pay for.

The so called black market IS more of a free market than this bs 25% tax. If someone grows amazing herb and charges $300 a zip for it and people were not willing to BUY IT, the grower will need to lower their price OR not be able to unload any of it.

When everything was more legalized in Cali ( that is where I grew for YEARS and you can check my YT channel for all that stuff )the prices for ounces ( zips ) did come down but anything in the $50 to $100 an ounce pricing was TERRIBLE meds unless you knew a grower who was willing to eat the costs or sell some of his own personal stock.

Seeds alone from reputable breeders cost $10 a piece, now you can end up getting cuttings and have that strain for life BUT many growers run fresh seeds each time because clones can end up bringing issues into your grow especially if you get your clones from another grower ( many issues include powdery mildew, spider mites and many other irritants ).

One simple way to look at it is this, it takes most growers a good 6 cycles before they finally get the hang of things OR are able to produce any worthwhile amount of meds at the end. When I first got started I was STOKED to hit 1/4 ounce for a plant dried and that would be done within a month just by smoking a joint or two a day. So you spend 3 months growing meds that last less than a month.

The best recommendation is this, grow your own and the only cost per ounce you will have to deal with is based on your skills, your setup, your e-bill monthly and the costs of the seeds/clones.

I love the black market compared to any taxed to the ass option any day. Another thing is, once you grow your own it is hard to want to buy something from someone else especially if you don't know what sort of nutes they used. I don't smoke anything with chemicals or that wasn't dried/cured for at least a month and I don't see any "industrial farming scale" wait for any of that to happen. - My site on getting my little family prepped for whatever might come our way. - My site on growing marijuana