Comment: I admire his

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I admire his

courage to speak out, but he like most GOP leaning people only look at the the administration and the government as the problem, when it's the Corporations bribing the government to make these laws, aka Corporate Collectivism. What has trully amazed me, though I will never trust a Zionist, Mark Levin has been talking about Corporatism of late. Question for you Randbots, when has he ever mentioned Corporatism? How about never, because he is either a coward or he is being bought off, there are only two choices! Or, you must believe Ron Paul is a liar, and has been making up all these clearly evident collusions? If the GOP politicians weren't collectivists in the Coroporatist game, they wouldn't keep running the 'they are socialists' game, and let their people know they are making laws like Obamacare for the Big Corporations. If the Democrat voters knew this, they wouldn't show up to vote in the next election, because they vote against the GOP, believing they are the only Corporate puppets! If Rand came out and stated Obamacare was not about getting better healthcare, but to take more money from the American workers to make the insurance companies richer for campaign cotributions and back door profits, he would become a National Hero. He could say 'they are going to deny this fact, but I would like you to show empirical proof, that I am wrong!'