Comment: Ron Paul changed my mind

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Ron Paul changed my mind

I used to think that, and after three Indy campaigns with Nader, who I didn't agree with on a few issues, I totally agreed we need to open debates and ballot access, so I worked with him (and he was not happy what I told him I was going to support Ron Paul in 08).

I'm convinced what we really did was give each state the opportunity to block any third party or Indy from getting ballot access, and where we thought we could a decade ago, the rules changed.

You should go to alocal GOP meeting and see if there's any liberty republiCANs.. if you came to my meeting you would be, "Wow!".. we're atalking about elections and who is going to run, so it's very exciting time to be involved, who knows you might get offered a job passing out Justin Amash flyers..