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Comment: Very interesting. Thanks for posting

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Very interesting. Thanks for posting

I've been aware of this one for some time and it is a concern. One quick "partial" remedy is for miners to only participate in pools that allow the individual contributors to see the entire block being solved.
That way, the individual can relay a solved block if the pool chooses not too.

There are several solutions to this and think the article does well on describing at least one.

The important thing to note here is it is impossible for a "corrupt" pool to get away with a significant greater share than its contributions without it becoming evident to all miners! Once the problem is on the forefront, any number of solutions could be implemented.

Again, This can only be done by a mining pool with significant share of the overall mining power 25%+.

BTC Guild is the only candidate at this point. That's the current pool I'm using.

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