Comment: Seahawk fans LOVE Moffitt.

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Seahawk fans LOVE Moffitt.

I still think the NFL is one huge distraction, but it's a good distraction, minus the violent aspects of the game.

If anyone wants a true glimpse of what John Moffitt is about, one only needs to search "Moffitts words of Wisdom."

It's put together by another member of the SEahawks, Mike Robinson (Real Rob Report), but MOffitt talks about everything from Steve Greer's views of Aliens to his own talents on the field.

Honestly, I think "one" of the reasons (not the main reason though) that Moffitt moved to WA and left the NFL was because of Cannabis. I know that sounds petty but it makes a lot of sense when you hear the man speak. And I don't mean he sounds like a stoner....

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