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Well my plan is to purchase

Well my plan is to purchase the property.
Then recruit 30-40 people to sustain it. No investment required.
I'm 62.
I will bequeath shares of the property to those stewards.
If a steward wants out they get bought out @ 100% profit.
This property is already self sustaining.
Plenty of space for solar and I have the best solar tech I've seen on my team.
The property already produces it's own natural gas and sells excess for a profit. It also has industrial natural gas powered generators that supply electricity.
Water is huge. This property has plentiful water resources.
As far as incorporating? This property already has a political advantage and the current owner has the position and political capital to incorporate the 1200 acres as it's own town.
I'm not looking to complicate the deal with subdivisions and codes.
I'm looking to build a cohesive team that can weather the storm and thrive no matter what is going on in the urban areas.
The property also has a mile long landing strip. TSA free!
I am still evaluating the various entities to hold the ownership of the property.
There are also numerous business opportunities for this property and several other off site, businesses available locally. Those are currently running, profitable, top quality businesses.
I've really studied this thing and sought legal advice.