Comment: The GOP prefers democrats and any agenda participating candidate

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The GOP prefers democrats and any agenda participating candidate

to win, over any person who truly shows they are trying to legitimately save this country from being transformed into a government authoritarian future. Not all of them are bad people, but many of them are sold on the idea that the people aren't knowledgable enough to know what is best for the many. The majority of people these days buy into all kinds of marketing, whether the product is any good or not. People have lost their appreciation for freedom in this decadent society. We debate trivial things, designed to counter important arguments. They will never fear the people catching on to this, because by the time they open their eyes, it will be to late. Through the study of psychology and the group mind, they feel they can steer us wherever they want us. You can't fool everybody all the time, but you can fool enough people to get what you want. You can make most things sound good with a little spin.

"Mattresses are built so well these days, that you don't need to have 2 sides".

They just cut their production costs substantially, while they may have convinced many people that this bed is more technologically advanced.

THE NEW: Pressure Integrated Suspension System

P.I.S.S. Technology !!!

Agenda 21, PNAC, CODEX ALIMENTARIUS and UN biodiversity study. Help me understand why I shouldn't think there is a big agenda against the wishes of the masses.