Comment: LOL, ask five gun owners

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LOL, ask five gun owners

LOL, ask five gun owners their opinion and get twelve answers. There is a plethora of choices and none of them are bad. If you have friends that have guns have them take you shooting or go to a range and rent a few firearms to see what feels most comfortable. Whatever you decide on, practice with it and then practice some more, and a little more.

You also need to consider target hardening your home. Making a burglar of thief expend time and generate noise increase the chances they will get caught and make your property unappealing. Window frame locks and a "kick plate", a L shaped piece of metal 3-5 feet long that is mounted inside the door casing are the most effective in my experience.

All that aside what really concerns me is this. I have been a peace officer for quite a while. So far in my career I have only see three true cat burglars (burglars that enter at night while the occupants are sleeping). Two out of the burglars only took womens underwear and the third specifically took wallets from womens purses. I know three isn't much of a study but it's worth noting.