Comment: Building solar arrays can be compilcated, or simple

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Building solar arrays can be compilcated, or simple

I would buy the controller first, then buy the solar panels to match. I seen some good buys on ebay, in used and new. If you can't tell if a used controller is good, and if seller doesn't know don't take the chance.

Buy the type of controller that has an negative and positive connections for the solar arrays. These have a long time proven track record. But be warned that they are dangerous, and WILL KILL you if your not careful.

These do require a meter installed from the power company if your going to sell to the power company. Setup in this way needs inspection from local Inspector before power can be hooked up to the grid.

If your going off grid it's all your own but at stake and no one else, no inspection required.

In your case of controlling a 240v motor from batteries, that is the hard part. You can charge batteries from solar collectors easy enough with a DC controller.

Siemens developed a controller that runs up to a 3 phase motor from batteries. You can find all kinds of controllers like this if you look up EV's or Electric Vehicles for DIY. If your knowledgeable about how controllers work you can build your own, but then your dealing with high voltage again.

In reality what type of well can handle 50 GPM? Very few, my well pump pumps 5 GPM. Most wells can barely handle over 10 GPM. If you continually pump 50 GPM out of the ground your sure to lower the water table for all your neighbors for miles around.

I would rethink just exactly what your trying to do, because I think only municipal wells can handle this type of water.

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