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Still time to defend

I have to go soon.

"...your babbling..."

Why would someone resort to the fabrication of false names?

An opinion might be that a reader, any reader, considers any words written to be examples of "babble," but that is merely an opinion that can be offered as an opinion.

When the practice of DOMINATION by fraud, threat, or violence is deep down into the root of an infected person, that practice is often exemplified in the routine of claiming that an opinion is a fact.

An opinion is not a fact.

An opinion is merely an opinion, in fact.

"You cannot seem to offer a coherent rebuttal..."

A bridge built somewhere in New England may be a good study as to the actual facts of the matter of how investments are made by voluntary tax payers so as to collect up enough funds to build that bridge, and once that bridge is built the tax payers and the so called "free riders" increase their productive economic power significantly.

" offer vagueness..."

You exemplify that which you offer?

"...your comments always fail to muster even the least degree of actual commentary on any subject..."

The point of fact, the bridge, in New England, built by tax payer donation, in one form or another, did exist, may still exist, and proves the point without any need to focus attention upon me personally.

"Your comment seemingly has no real bearing on the subject..."

You could just as easily claim that I am no longer among the living, and such a false claim would remain to be as false.

"...your comments in an abrasive manner that is less than admirable..."

Rather than vague references to some nebulous wrongdoing done by me, in point of fact, an accurate account of what actually happened exists.

"...your babbling..."

That can hardly be considered accurate, or polite.

"...offering us scattered commentary..."

Dictators dictate orders to be obeyed without question because?

I am asking.

I have my guesses.

"...few really respond..."

Calling forth a nebulous majority rule?

I'm asking.