Comment: This Franklin Quotation Is a Fake

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This Franklin Quotation Is a Fake

Where all this pro-paper money stuff is coming from on a Ron Paul website is beyond me. The argument that there isn't enough gold and silver to go around is ridiculous. David Ricardo answered that one 200 years ago. Prices simply go down, and the same amount of money can now facilitate a larger array of transactions. What's the problem?

Why someone who has taken so little time to understand the hard-money position---so little time that he repeats one of the silliest arguments against it as if it had never been answered before!---would take such a strong position against it is beyond me.

And on top of this, this Franklin quotation is a fake. Show me the primary source. Where did he say it? He never did. The colonies were not allowed to print their own money.

I also can't believe someone on a Ron Paul site repeats left-wing nonsense about how we'd all be starving under a gold standard except a few kings and queens.

Why don't you just watch Rachel Maddow and be done with it?

The greatest advances in the living standards of the poor took place under the gold standard. Or can you find a more rapid improvement in the living standards of the poor than in 19th-century England and the US?