Comment: I really appreciate your input here beeman

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I really appreciate your input here beeman

I'm waiting to hear back from a local well driller about what kind of flow rate I can expect in this area. Around here we have huge underground aquifers so when I was talking with a guy who sells pumps, and he's in the same state, he didn't think it was too out of line, but he did tell me to check around and if I can test the well by sucking out a 1000 gallons and see how long it takes for the well to get back to static water level

In fact, 25 miles West of me I have another property and they said I could get 100 GPM.

I'll get back with you and everyone else below as soon as I know more.

Thanks for the feedback. Keep it coming if you can. I'm not much of a water well expert as you can probably tell.

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