Comment: What are you going to do with that much water?

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What are you going to do with that much water?

a shower takes less than 2 GPM, so you could have 2 people showering and another washing dishes and still never get over 6 GPM. I would go with a pump 1/10 the rate your choosing and use a couple of pressure tanks to supplement the extra water needed for short periods.

Do you know you could probably setup a 5K watt system for under $4,000. if you shop around. This would be a grid system, and if you lose power they can be manually switched to off grid. A 5K system could pay for itself in 1 year if you sell excess to power company. I have seen controllers on ebay very cheap, just be patient to wait for the right one to show up.

Edit: here is a 4K grid tie controller on ebay that has a proven track record and is UL listed.

It will continue to work in the daytime if you lose power.

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