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There are a couple reasons people buy versus grow their own

For one, they might live in rental which doesn't allow them to grow. In cali the landlords specifically have in many rental/lease agreements that you sign off on NOT growing marijuana even if you have legal/medical reasons for doing so which can end in a breach of contract among other issues.

For two, growing your own can and usually is a daily job. If you do not have things automated in some fashion that would then require daily waterings and plant husbandry on your end. I usually spend an hour to four hours with the girls depending on how large my grow(s) were. Working in grow tents and grow cabs require more effort as you have to either move your plants out of the tent/cab each time to look them over compared to larger grow rooms, greenhouse or simply outdoor runs.

For three, it will take you 3-4 months to get your first cycle done and most people are impatient and would rather just go and buy some smoke versus waiting around for their own grower skills to kick in.

For four, the setup costs themselves would equal a couple ounces of good bud and many don't want to dump $1k-$3k into setup costs and e-bill estimates. Yes you can start small like with a cfl grow and some autos but the meds at the end of those 2 months wouldn't really last you until the next cycle is done unless you run perpetual which in itself requires more room, more tents/cabs so you can alternate among other small items that add up in cost quickly like fans, inline fans, timers, carbon scrubbers etc. - My site on getting my little family prepped for whatever might come our way. - My site on growing marijuana