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I suppose in some sense,

perhaps Adam told himself, 'what does it matter if the state labels me 'guilty'?? It's all a scam and BS ruling anyway!'

Lately, I've personally also come to view less critically of the "guilty" plea. In an ideal world, sure, we can all clog up the system if we all plead not guilty, go through the entire jury trial, while rotting in their jail or having insane bond held over you, and stand on principle and 'suffer' the consequences.

but why should anyone have to 'suffer' the consequences under rules set up by the them? it's their House Rules; they'll do whatever the frak they want, label anyone they want whichever way they want, regardless. Frankly, to be called a 'criminal' by a legion of institutionally enshrined guild of terrorists, should be considered a badge of honor.

but, as anyone who's ever had a run-in with govt terrorists beyond a typical traffic ticket can attest, anything more 'serious' than that, it's a non-stop living hell: one prosecutor hands off the case to an endless army of equally tyrannical fcuktards. they retire, a new generation of brainwashed and ambitious state-actors come along to pick up where they left off!

if they want someone to rot in jail forever, on continuous clerical procedurals, they can indefinitely detain anyone, even before the NDAA, 'legally,' via governmetese semantical alchemy.

Govt's purpose, once they have you in their clutches, is to 'teach you a lesson.' And, if you don't comply: utterly destroy your life, family life, social life, professional life, economic life, and your both physical and psychological well-being.

frankly, I'm always amazed at/surprised of the fact that ANY sane person can come out of the terrorist govt 'justice' system, with their selves 'intact.'

Speaks to the resilience of the human spirit, but at the same time, those fcukers have always used our adaptability to all heights of insanity, against us, throughout history: humans can 'live with'/'get used to' a lot of insane conditions be they voluntary, or forced upon or even born-into: concentration camps, generational slavery, etc.

so, regardless of what the state says, AK didn't do a damn thing wrong, nor, even under the most strictest of Constructionist Minarchist Constitutionally lawful doctrine, did he violate ANY law.

NO possession of anything is unlawful, though maybe 'illegal' under the current fraudulent tyrannical UnConstitutional judicial paradigm.

Nor, is exercising your God given natural right to speak (1st Amend), concurrently holding an implement of natural right of self-defense (2nd Amend.), 'illegal,' even under the Constitution, not that those degenerate fascists care/give a damn/uphold their oaths, let alone actually practice or believe it.

Regardless, it's an ordeal I cannot imagine anyone going through, especially for a prolonged period of time. Just imagine all those who came before us who had endured much longer sentences for 'crimes' they literally had nothing to do with, under much worse conditions. When will humanity grow up... .o/

Still, would've love to have seen a SCOTUS 'legal'-precedent set, with the name "Adam Kokesh" in it: 'Adam Kokesh v DC,' for posterity.

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul