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Right, and the Democrats will

Right, and the Democrats will continue to use this weapon in strategic cases of divide and conquer.

Personally, I have no problem with Libertarians (I'm NOT one) voting their conscience. Candidates need to follow Ron Paul's approach, i.e. decentralize controversial issues to the lowest levels of government, and strictly adhere to the US Constitution at the federal level. Discounting any voting fraud, evidently a significant number of Libertarians in Virginia didn't feel Cuccinelli meet their standards. Cuccinelli should have had the foresight to address such concerns. Regardless, all Virginians will suffer as a result of last night's selection.

In closing, blindly voting, i.e. trusting ANY party's candidate without research, for a candidate from the Libertarian party is as bad as blindly voting for candidates fielded by the Democratic and Republican parties.