Comment: Right on! There is lots of precedent for our

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Right on! There is lots of precedent for our


It is all about unity to "restore constitutional government".

The question is "how" without free speech?

There is only one way, we have to stop doing what we always have done, so we no longer get what we've always got:-)

There is only one method having enough authority to end that abridging. Article V.

Accordingly preparation for Article V requires amendment ending the abridging of free speech.

This is difficult because we do not know the purpose of free speech so cannot see that what we have has not and will not serve that purpose.

Once that fact is shared, and people know something is very wrong, it will be much easier to assemble people into a mass. That mass can be educated about preparatory amendment which only allows three amendments UNTIL the nation knows it knows, constitutional intent.

With that knowledge in states citizens, they can assure all legislators respect constitutional intent. At that point, a general convention to propose amendments to the constitution can safely proceed.

It is actually very simple strategy, starting with a simple agreement between an ever growing group of citizens.

Can we stop doing all the things we are doing that we do not want to do while still doing what we need to do?