Comment: He always does these videos in beach towns north of San Diego

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He always does these videos in beach towns north of San Diego

He always does these videos in beach towns north of San Diego where the only concern people have are waves and fun in the sun.

I sell gold for a living, and I can tell you that 99% of the people out there have no clue as to what the value is of gold or silver. I bring coins with me all the time to restaurants downtown San Diego and no one ever tells me close to what they're worth. It's not the fault of the people who are asked though. It's a system that is set up to where the People are kept ignorant as to the value of things.

You could walk around with 1 share of Google stock (valued at over $1,000) and get the same result. Or 50 Euro's. People just don't know, and I'll take it one step further, they don't care.

How many times have you spoke to your relatives about what's wrong with our economy and government with all the spending going on? Do they look at you like you're from Mars? Probably. If you ask them about gold or silver do they perk up with excitement? Hardly.

There is a reason why our kids calculators don't go to a trillion. There is a reason we are kept ignorant of gold, silver, investing, and what a dollar really is and what backs it, let alone what the Federal Reserve does and how it fits into our monetary system.

By the way, my business is good for those "in the know," and it will continue to get better and those who invest in gold or silver or acquire it as insurance will be "the ones who make the rules."

I'll keep on writing to help people fill in the blanks of our education system. That's what I enjoy most.

Here is one of my latest for those that care to read. If not, surfs up!

The Federal Reserve - Lender and Buyer of Last Resort

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