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What can you point to in the

Constitution that affirms the Federal Government has authority to force individuals to purchase insurance, or suffer penalty of arbitrary taxation (moving percentage of income)?

I think you didn't understand the doublethink reference.

The Constitution specifically enumerates federal power. All else falls to the states and people. Regardless of whether the court affirms law that contradicts the authorities granted by the Constitution, it is unconstitutional. A previous decision, Marbury vs. Madison (1803), says such laws are null and void.

The ruling that the IRS can impose a tax penalty for non-possession of health insurance is so legally bizarre it has no precedent, and there is literally no way to analyze it, but laughter (or groaning). Look, a blue zebra! An upside down island!

It's not about government being good or evil, it's about sound legal reasoning following from a lawful foundation, which was designed to protect and preserve the liberty of the individual.