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You know ...

if you folks are going to slander the hell out of someone ... I think I would like to see some hard evidence.

I am looking at this article:

"Among the negative press Sarvis received was an Election Day article in The Blaze that reported the Libertarian Booster PAC – which gave in-kind donations totalling $11,454 to Sarvis, mostly for ballot petitioning – received $150,000 in January from Joe Liemandt, a wealthy Democratic donor who also gives to Libertarians.

The donor in question didn't donate to my campaign," Sarvis counters. "He donated to a Libertarian PAC well before I got into the race."

Where is your evidence to support what you are claiming? I am not claiming some "phony candidate [was] bankrolled by an Obama supporter whose views were way out of touch with actual libertarianism."

Since you are and that comment you just made above is vague as hell lacking anything resembling evidence ... how about ponying up some evidence.