Comment: For the last 48 hours,

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For the last 48 hours,

For the last 48 hours, Cuccinelli apologists have been claiming that Cuccinelli was, despite his statist social agenda, more libertarian than Sarvis.

Guess what, Cuccinelli? You had the opportunity to actually prove that. Not by having your staff make outlandish claims on this facebook page. BY DEBATING ROB SARVIS, WHEN HE REPEATEDLY INVITED YOU TO.

Or, at least, by not childishly refusing to debate Sarvis....

That’s the thing about Libertarian votes. You actually have to earn them.

As future advice for the RNC and DNC: if you want to prove that your candidate is “more libertarian” than the Libertarian candidate, consider actually debating the Libertarian to prove it.

Ron Paul 2016