Comment: I am done supporting ANYONE at the fed level

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I am done supporting ANYONE at the fed level

I loved supporting ron paul in his last two presidential runs. It felt great to get the word out about liberty and individual responsibility BUT in the end everyone just falls back into the two party b.s. of the democrats did it or the republicans did it.

I am not putting any of my evil FRN's into ANYONES pockets at the federal level even if Ron Paul himself runs again.

There is no reason for me to put my effort into that POS sinking ship of a fake ass 2 party system.

And I see the same exact thing happening in the 3rd party arena as well. If I am going to help get out the vote it will be for my own locality or state ( if at all ) but I doubt I will even trump on that level either.

More power to anyone who wants to participate in all these charades but I think I will just focus on educating those around me in a way that simply gets them prepared for economic ups and downs, ability to at least understand off grid living PERKS and benefits as well as the reasons to stock up on food/water/supplies if only for potential weather issues or power outages.

I can't stomach voting for Rand Paul and I will say that if it was Rand trying to "wake me up" 2 presidential cycles ago I wouldn't have even bothered nor would MOST of us who were on the dailypail and the ron paul forums, participating in all the money bombs, breaking daily donation records, screaming at our local news stations for not covering him and staying up all night yelling at the other candidates when they tried to trash him.

Ron Paul is a statesman and Rand is a politician just like the rest of the asshats trying to pretend like they are going to do something REAL once they get in office. - My site on getting my little family prepped for whatever might come our way. - My site on growing marijuana