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There are 5,240,438 registered voters in VA. 2,138,613 people voted in the race.

with the all out attack against Sarvis by the Republicans over the past several days, the GOP got some of the people that would have voted for Sarvis back.

BUT YOU attack an easy target, refuse to blame your party for scaring off 60% of the voters and choose to sit behind your computer slinging unfounded accusations against voter's who voted.

Tell me, if your guy was soooooooooo much bettr and his positions made sooooooo much sense, then why was he AFRAID TO DEBATE HIM?

GOP & DEM 2 party monopoly because you want to censor other's from the general population!

I'd like to see your guy get as much support and work as hard as Sarvis and his supports have! you take for granted your major party status.


Label Jars, Not People!