Comment: People are both skeptical of strangers and ignorant of gold

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People are both skeptical of strangers and ignorant of gold

If I were there, even knowing about the value of gold, I still wouldn't trust a stranger offering me a gold coin for way below its value. Sure I could go into that store but how would I know they weren't "in on it". Also, how would I know he didn't steal the coin in the first place and I'd be on video tape buying it from him? If I were arrested, it certainly wouldn't be a very convincing alibi ("yeah right that's what you thought!")

Several people even raised the point that they didn't think the coin was worth what he said. Plus, if he was really only trying to raise money to pay a phone bill then why the camera and microphone?

Lastly, there was one girl (the one who asked what sound money was) who came closing to buying it but then Mark Dice started introducing doubt: "it's a Canadian coin".

In short, people were just skeptical of the whole thing. The idea that a stranger would offer you a deal that was both legal and worked out in your favor is not something any reasonable person would expect. I guess the one thing it did show is that, based on the questions he was getting, people have no idea the value of gold. If they knew they would've said stuff like "I'd take your deal in a second if only it was real".

I still enjoy Mark Dice's videos (probably because he's funny and seems like a good dude) but I think he'd probably be more successful doing the "hit on girls on camera" thing and try to make a show out of that. He's good at it.