Comment: Not sure if this quote is often used so much anymore

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Not sure if this quote is often used so much anymore

"Judge not that ye be not judged".

The article is more of a rant than anything else.

In particular where the author of the article states that "I hate porn because it leads to rape, molestation, and perversion that can devastate people for the rest of their lives", one can obviously point out that these things existed long before porn. One could argue that they were more prolific in the Roman Empire than even today.

If you would rather hate than forgive, fuel anger over understanding and condemn the sins of others when you admit you struggled for a long time with that exact same sin then you have a fundamental lack of moral high ground to preach such nonsense to begin with.

The author's eie certainly offends me, fortunately it is not my own so no pluckeing shall occur.

I have no desire to defend porn nor attack it here, however the misuse of the Word of G_d in order to put forth this type of message is far worse than pornography in my opinion, on both an ideological and spiritual level.