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Comment: The Libertarian Party is a crock of Sh*T

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The Libertarian Party is a crock of Sh*T

Worthless, pointless political party that gives us nothing but more socialism

Never been elected to a national office, not even a statewide office...heck even the Reform Party had Ventura.

Mainly won school board, city council positions that don't even allow political party designations.

40 years of nothing

So people who are truly constitution based get suckered into believing in this scam of party so that they can be contained into uselessness, when the real change, power, and protection of our liberties and Constitutional rights are given and taken by the two major political parties, while Libertarian Party members worry about getting ballot access. Ha ha ha ha ha.......too funny what a freaking joke. Even with all the promotion and effort by the GOP establishment to pump up Sarvis in Virginia the Libertarian Party still has no ballot access.

I have been in the third party movement for over 20 years and I have only seen the country crumble and third parties do absolutely nothing or gain traction. The two major parties working under one umbrella love third parties, it removes anyone from within their organizations that have a backbone and fight for change or fight for the Constitution, they want brain dead folowers not thinkers.

The GOP leadership is dying off, keep,your eye on the ball and take the GOP over, it's already happening state by state.