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What about

Ron Paul supported third party candidate Chuck Baldwin, Constitution Party. He held, what I think is the only MSM third party debate where only "Libertarian" Bob Barr did not show up (and the fact the Libertarian nominee did not show up should show Libertarians that they are being played politically.

The big difference between the dates are the people like me who had no interest in the GOP, but would up joining the GOP taking committee seats and offices. Ron Paul had more people in the GOP, and so the GOP had to resort to dirty tricks.. and many of us suffered the changes..

In 07/08 I couldn't understand why Ron Paul would insist on sticking with the GOP.. in 2012 my only regret was not joining the GOP in 07.. I could have done even more for Ron Paul if I had.

Ron Paul was RIGHT ON about the GOP.. and we will have a president Paul, and I'm happy to be in the position to help make that happen because we're ready for Preibus and the silencer.