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Demanding others follow your own personal form of religion is un-Constitutional. It is against the part of the first amendment that assures the right for everyone to practice his own religion without interference from the government. There is a reason this amendment was included. It means that fundamentalists Christians cannot control a country that, for the most part, disagrees with some of their demands. I am one of those fundamentalists. But, I don't want a theocracy in our country, either! There are, way too many, man made rules from the many different religions in our country. We don't need any religious tyranny running things, either! I am a Ron Paul Republican, all the way!

Abortion is a completely different subject because it is complicated by the life of an unborn child! It puts a cog in the wheels of the issue by comparing the rights of a child to be born as compared to the rights of the mother to take that life. I think Libertarians are also in disagreement on abortion!

Laws cannot be established to legislate morality! Sexual preference and oral sex are things that are not harming anyone else. It should be un-Constitutional for the governemnt to try to insert itself in the bedrooms of a free United States of America!