Comment: Good for the Libertarian Party

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Good for the Libertarian Party

There is no doubt that Republican Ken Cuccinelli is a fiscal libertarian, but he isn't a social libertarian. Ron Paul is essentially a libertarian in both the fiscal and social sense. The reason that I like Ron Paul is that he doesn't let his beliefs alter his politics. He may be against abortion, yet he doesn't believe that the federal government should be involved in such matters.

It is good that we have the Libertarian Party to challenge the Republican and Democratic Party. There must be a group that best represents liberty loving people, like me. Many people here prefer the Republican Party, but the reality is that the Democratic party is just as good/bad. What the hell does it help to have economic freedom if we don't have personal freedom?

If ever a Libertarian such as Ron Paul gets the republican or democratic nomination, you can bet nearly all libertarians will be voting for him.