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My latest on gold and silver

Wrote this yesterday...

Fed Tapering Coming to an End Sooner than Expected? Hardly!

Wrote a good analysis on Debt to GDP ratios of various countries and how the S&P projections from 2011 for the years 2013 and 2016 are completely off except for one country; the one that practiced austerity the last few years, Ireland.

It is interesting to note ECB President Draghi's move (dollar bullish) and also that Japan's moves for a weaker Yen has helped their economy...for now. But Japan leads the civilized world in Debt to GDP ratio and the Yen more than any civilized countries currency is destined for trouble (which is also dollar bullish).

Also of note is my continued belief we have lower prices in the metals ahead (and a reminder I do sell gold for a living so am not biased - just call it like I see it). Gold's time will come.

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