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woah that's a lot of words,

woah that's a lot of words, let me see.

1. approval is not an emotion
2. i didn't assume you'd feel any emotion i asked you
3. no one on the thread suggested it be illegal that i've seen, have you?
4. i haven't taken position pro or con, just asked you to reformulate you argument so that it is valid. your analogy to the lumberjack was a failure because it didn't address the previous posters point. that point stand unrefuted: you can't affirm something to be "moral" in general if you acknowledge you wouldn't approve it for your daughter or mother or sister. that doesn't mean you want to ban it, think its entirely bad, or that it could ever be eliminated. it merely refutes whose who say dishonestly that there is nothing at all wrong with it. of course, if you do approve of your mom or daughter being in pr0n, boldly say so and you will be consistent.

on the point of your morality "if its not hurting anyone..." that's trivially easy to refute. if i am walking by the road and see a child drowning, and it would be no risk whatsoever to myself to help but i go on my merry way, i have not positively harmed anyone. i haven't impacted the situation positively in any way. but everyone would be correct to say that i acted immorally and moreover am a moral monster.

thanks for playing this round of lose to bill.