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your way off

The GOP establishment spooned Sarvis. with money and endorsements, as did the Democrat Party's biggest bundlers.

Obviously you think they were unelectable, yet the Democrat Socialist GOT elected.

When the two parties establishment leadership know the populous is disgruntled, they push a third party candidate into the limelight and parade him/her around and the. begin a campaign of vote third party, why because they still win.

The establishment government based leadership of both parties did not want Cuccinelli, so they began a campaign of "both candidates are idiots", when they knew the GOP had been moving way more Libertarian and knew Cuccinelli would be hurt far worse than McAuliffe, no matter what the lying pollsters say.

Bottom line actual numbers say that 2.1 working voters for every 2 that were living off the government, no way, no how those non working voters picked a Libertarian, the Sarvis votes were sucked off Cuccinelli, and as Ron Paul said, "you have to be crazy to vote Libertarian in VA"