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The Libertarian Party does not challenge the Dems

That party is the Green Party and they are inept as well.

As a Libertarian you will never ever ever pick up Democrats with Fiscal Libertarianism as you call it, it's not what they stand for, they stand for more government, keeping people on the government pot. It's how they get votes.

If the GOP abandons Social Issues, which they basically have policy-wise, but not "read my lips" -wise, people still believe because they don't follow actual votes, then the GOP will lose every single race, even with anti-social issues Libertarians coming into the party. Nationwide there are far more social issue Republicans than the non-social Libertarians. I am a Social Issue Constitutionalist, I would leave the GOP in a heart beat and just sit home, because 3rd parties are a waste.

So you would have 5 distinct voting blocks from largest to smallest

Socialist Democrat Hillary Clinton. - 41% of the vote

Blue Collar/ Social Democrat (gun rights/pro-life) Mike Beebe - Arkansas Gov. - 9% ov vote

Social Christian Libertarian Republicans Sarah Palin - 35% of the vote

Big Government Republicans Chris Christie - 10% of the vote

Libertarian Republicans (Non Social) Gary Johnson - 4% of the vote

Obviously, Social issue Democrats can never win the party nod on a National issue and this is what would happen if social issues become a non-issue in the GOP, but if the coalition was something like following, you can win.

Social Issues/ Libertarian Republicans and Social Democrats in Republican Primary they win with 39% of vote as long as they don't split the vote. Nationally they get a good portion 48% plus 6% of the BG Government GOP votes and you win with 52-56% of vote.

Possible candidates, obviously Rand Paul, Mike Lee, Ted Cruz, Palin, Paul LePage

Middle of the road, Scott Walker, Paul Ryan, Jindal,

Big Gov. Christie, Lindsey Graham, Peter King, Karl Rove, Boehner