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The myth precedes Bellamy.

The "One Nation" idea goes back to Alexander Hamilton. It is an idea adopted by the Whig party because it is easier to rob someone who cannot escape.

The idea was resurrected right after South Carolina successfully nullified the Tariff of Abominations and a compromise tariff passed.

Supreme Court Justice Joseph Story wrote a commentary on the Constitution around 1830 in which he argued the American people formed one nation when they decided to fight for independence from England.

The nation, he argued, preceded the states and the Articles of Confederation and the Constitution. The states, were never sovereign, according to this chronology.

The policy of imposing a high protective tariff forced the agricultural states to trade with the manufacturing states rather than with foreign countries for manufactures.

Allowing a state to nullify or secede would free the captive markets created by the federal tax on foreign imports.

If the states were recognized as sovereign, there was no way to enforce this policy which created a method to transfer wealth from the planters to the manufacturers. The states dominated by the planters would bolt, or refuse to collect the tax.

With the Morrill Tariff pending in the Senate, and with Kansas and Nebraska poised to transfer control of that body to the Republicans, and the election of Lincoln as president, that is what the planter states did.

Lincoln used the military to "save the Union" so the tariff could be collected, and the transcontinental railroad be build with the money.

That is the origin and application of the One Nation, indivisible myth.

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