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I post whats on my mind or

I post whats on my mind or find interesting. It appears there is a lot of thought and emotion about this subject. It has caused people to
1 think 2 defend 3 discuss, which i thought were all important in a free society.

My feelings are not hurt and i don't seek for everyone to up vote the article i found. I just recently had a friend ruin his engagement to porn and prostitution and felt like maybe this could help someone if they were going through porn or prostitution problem. It's a shot in the dark to help people but it's still a shot. Little did i know i was going to hear about peoples sex life and other stuff.

I completely understand you cannot legislate morality and this is what it is about. All social issues should be a states rights issues, the morality of people in different states i hope will always be different. I also understand the dangers of the religious for when Christ came that is who he opposed.

But what gets me the most is by whos standards do we all go by? Why is porn not ok to watch in public? Why is sex not aloud in public? Why is the age 18 for sex? Why can you only have 1 wife? Why are there laws against bestiality? The standards in which we all choose is what i find interesting and find alot of inconsistencies. Because in an atheisticf society i gather anything is OK.

So when i make the statement, It is not ok for a 75year old woman to hook up with a 10 year old boy. What gives me the authority to say that? Another one, Joseph Stalin was wrong for killing a millions of his people? What makes that true or not? The standards are hit or miss it seams with people comments.

I will always error on the side of liberty, even if i don't agree with the issue. For if I have been give the choice to love my God, and not forced, how could I force anyone to do anything. Free choice has been given to all, and because of that we will choose where we go in and after life.

And your "these people" comment shows how you look at people in groups and yourself dont have a respect for individual liberty.

Also could you find the part where the author talks about banning and using government to force people to stop, you cant. This is a man who has frustrations with something because he sees the destruction this causes around him. I do think God men like him and Ron Paul stand up and speak their minds when the whole world is saying the opposite.

"Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect" - Mark Twain