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I will gladly explain my

entire thought process to you and answer all questions I can in hopes of clearing this misunderstanding. I found a post that interested me, read it, and read the comments. You stated you were confused by the post.

I then positioned my focus at a point in my world where my consciousness and Allegory's meet. In that state, I spontaneously wrote a series of questions with the intent of bringing understanding to confusion that would gently allow one to “see from a different angle” if asked in earnest.

You then made a series of definite conclusions about things open for discussion, contrary to the historic record of Nisargadatta's words, and asked if I was reading the words in my own little world. To answer, I know of only one world, the one apparent to me. It seems quite expansive, but as it is the only one I have direct access to I have no means of comparison. I focused at a point in my world where my consciousness and yours meet in hopes of understanding the intent and meaning of your communication.

I then quoted the words of Nisargadatta and held up a mirror in an effort to bring balance.

In response to some of your questions and comments in your last response: I am relatively unmoved. I balance kindness and directness, and if my words came across as rude I genuinely apologize. To communicate one must make judgments of the others intent, whether logical, intuitive, or instinctual. I accept no new concepts and the old lie mostly dormant. I have not asked you to accept any concept, nor would I. I have not espoused any view of my own, I simply quoted Nisargadatta's description of meditation. I would not nor did I ask anyone to follow Nisargadatta's practice of meditation. I only know you by that which you communicate. I never asked you to do anything except apply your own advice to yourself. As indicated I did not accept Allegory's concept, but I did and still do find his post interesting. Not really. I will continue to read Nisargadatta at any pace that pleases me, or not at all if I am so moved.

I AM is all that is. Everything else is malleable.