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You can

get some integrity and stop lying at anytime:

"You post about a known, long running scam as if it isn't"

No, I post about a known, long running scam that exists. It is called placing persons or property under the protection of a state which is a member of the United States. It is about surrendering part of ones absolute inherent rights in nature to possess or use to a state which is a member of the United States without a full and honest disclosure. It is a known, long running scam to provide ownership, possession, or use privileges to anyone using or self identifying with a name designated by the flag of a state which is a member of the United States.

You did get the known, long running scam part right because attaching flags to persons or property is a racket that has been going on for centuries.

Despite that the United Nations, which the United States is a member of and treaty signer, seeks to prevent statelessness by insuring everyone uses a name designated by a flag so there are no individuals operating outside of legal bonds with any nation you claim this known, long running scam doesn't exist in your own ignorance or you are shilling for aristocracy.

What does your background have to do with any truth? Nothing. It is irrelevant. I could care less about your background, it is not important, nor are your meaningless posts.

Finally we come to this gem:

"but accuse me of everything possible, then complain about others posting ad hominem attacks"

It gets too funny. You are a walking ad hominem. It is self evident by your posting history. You make no contribution of substance at all, just absurd comments. If you can't take it ... don't dish it.