Comment: Two Lessons Learned

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Two Lessons Learned

Lesson One:
Never call the cops on what happens within YOUR home, which is your kingdom. Be wise, noble, courageous, assertive and in charge. Cops are never invited inside my home. This father sadly, lost control of his son. Self discipline hardly exists in this new country any more.

Lesson Two:
We should not be surprised by this rampant, barbaric use of deadly force. As a combat vet, use of deadly force is harder to justify unless there's a two-way range. Our ridiculous and senseless "laws" allow them to shoot when they feel scared or threatened, which is most of the time. No job should allow this. A car isn't a weapon unless you stand your dumb ass in front of one. Surprisingly we keep allowing them to walk away on "desk duty" without going to prison (or worse). It seems that police lose all sense of restraint and other higher level thinking skills to avoid deadly force. The table should turn within time.