Comment: It's more complicated than that

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It's more complicated than that

Although, I absolutely agree, the LP is a hot mess.

The problem with the LP is it thinks democracy is the solution. It is a party participating in the political process after all. By definition they want political power.

There is something tragically ironic about a group calling themselves the 'Libertarian Party' that is seeking Political power.

If the LP can undo power by using power, it will indeed be a miracle. The first time in history power has undone power.

Are there these miracle workers in the LP? These angels that could not only gain political power but having gained it, walk away? Many Gandalfs and Galadriels walking around in the LP?

In all of history only one man, one elf, one hobbit, and one wizard walked way from that power. George Washington, Galadriel, Sam, and Gandalf.

Three of them are fictitious. One is nuanced, at least. Even George was not pure.

The LP is a degenerate thing. Until the LP returns to principles, I see no reason to support it.

Sarvis? FFS!!!