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I respect this one of you 3$BILL's

You use punctuation and grammar, and you can make a case.

The one that spewed 1200 words together lowercase without a paragraph or observable coherent thought, I will amuse myself by thinking you got him fired.

Even though incompetent shills help us, competent shills are much more fun.

To points. You are absolutely wrong. You are suffering from the typical technocratic mindset that the meat you send to kill and be killed doesn't think.

This is understandable. You wish to think the people you send to murder and be murdered think they do it for a piece of cloth.

It makes you feel better about yourself.

They don't though. Never one.

We, deluded as we may have been, when we killed and died, did not do so for a flag. Ever.

You, who never put yourself in harms way, thinks those who do are caricatures. Like in Hollywood.

They never think about why they would kill or why they would die.

They are morons after all.

That's what you think right?


I don't know what soldiers think about these days

I do know this: I thought every day about dying and killing

You think we are robots for your pleasure. You better hope we are not.